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We supply Worldwide over 100 million metres of cable per year.

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We have offices throughout the China for Worldwide Supply.

About us

JYTOP CompanyZhengzhou Jinyuan Group, as a professional cable manufacturer, has producing customized cable for a wide range of applications based on high quality, excellent service and competitive market prices. Our achievements benefit by having access to the largest market of abundant resources in China and our determination to exceed our clients' expectations.
Jinyuan Group is ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and CE certified, specialized in conductors, such as: all aluminum conductor (AAC), all aluminum alloy conductor (AAAC), aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR), aluminum conductor aluminum clad steel reinforced (ACSR/AW), all aluminum alloy steel reinforced (AACSR), aluminum conductor alloy reinforced (ACAR), copper and copper alloy conductor for electrical railway purpose. We can also supply aerial bundled cable (ABC cable) up to 35KV, PVC insulated wire and flexible wire, PVC insulated power cable, XLPE insulated power cable up to 220kV, welding cable, mining cable,control cable and rubber insulated cable.